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Our veteran coaches provide individual, team or group training for students all across the United States via Google-hangout or Skype (or in person in the Dallas-Fort Worth area). The emphasis of our training is to help students sharpen their critical-thinking skills, by learning to examine the what, why and how behind the ideas they advocate and encounter.



Policy Debate: Suzanne Nasser, James Russell, Ian Mikkelsen, Caleb Engle, Jeremy Christensen, William Bock
Lincoln Douglas: Suzanne Nasser, Justin Manchester, Matt Rosa, Jeremy Christensen, Ian Mikkelsen, Grayson Logue
Moot Court: Caleb Engle, William Bock
Public Forum: Ian Mikkelsen, Jeremy Christensen
Congress: Ian Mikkelsen
Parliamentary: Ian Mikkelsen, Jeremy Christensen
Speech: Cesar Ruiz, Jordan Brown, Catie Shoemaker
Extemp: Caleb Engle, William Bock, Grayson Logue, Ian Mikkelsen
Writing: Stephen Sutherland
Interview Training: see Ease-of-Speech services

2018-2019 Rates:

Individual student:

Team (2 debaters or DUO competitors):
$24/hour per partner

(both partners are required in order to sign up for Team Policy coaching)

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Absences or Rescheduling

Students are required to notify their coach 4 days in advance of planned absences or requests to reschedule to another day/time. No fee is charged for planned absences or changes with advance notice. However, the regular hourly fee is due for unplanned absences or changes made without 4 days notice.


Coaching Services


Research skills
Case construction and fluency
AFF strategies
Identify and counter unproven assumptions and
faulty mindsets using solid argumentation
Structured refutation (including impact calculus)
Cross-examination strategies
NEG brainstorming, philosophies & strategies
Master briefs
AFF and NEG drills
Critiqued/coached rounds
Tournament Prep Intensive
@Tournaments: pre and post round coaching
Ballot reviews and next steps (post competition)


Genres: Platform, interpretative, Impromptu,
Extemporaneous and Apologetic speaking
Speak comfortably in front of a group:
Overcome stage fright, nervous habits and
project confidence and poise
Write/cut and deliver speeches to maximize
their impact on audiences
Craft a strong thesis
Well-reasoned and well-supported points
Become a compelling story-teller
Improve your body language
Connect with your audience
Voice (projection, inflection)
The art of acting and mime
Interpretations: Improved characterization
Practice and evaluation

Interview Skills

Interview Preparation: Ice-breakers, good
questions to ask
Mock college and job interviews
Impromptu practice: Think quickly on your feet
Overcome nervous habits: speak comfortably in
front of a group
Maximize your strengths, minimize your
Effective Presentations: Deliver polished
impactful presentations with confidence and
poise under pressure


College prep essay writing process and
techniques (for SAT/ACT and AP)
Active voice
Evaluate and respond to essay prompts
Crafting a strong thesis
Developing well-reasoned arguments, analysis,
Research skills
Grammar, syntax, sentence structure
Clear organization
Citations, footnotes and bibliographies

6 Sessions for success

During the regular season, payment must be made for a minimum of 6 sessions to allow sufficient time for students to learn and master the skills needed to show significant improvement in competition. However, as the season draws to a close, less than 6 time-slots can be reserved. Higher rates apply for reservations of less than 6 sessions.

Note: Team Policy debaters, private coaching is available for the team (both partners), not individuals.

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Private coaching with Matt Rosa has helped me tremendously! I had no idea what was going on at the beginning and was really overwhelmed. Coaching has helped me understand LD and has helped me to prepare for competition season. It has definitely given me a leg up on this year’s resolution.

Shelby B.
(2016 2nd place Lincoln Douglas champion)

Private coaching with James Russell has made our entire school year a success! Learning how to think and analyze is vital for learning and integrating knowledge in debate and in life. My son looks forward to every coaching session and always is happy after each coaching time because he has spent time learning how to think and being challenged. Thanks, James!!

Kara F.

DFWSD private coaching sessions have been a powerful tool in preparing our team for the competitive season. The specifically tailored feedback, high academic standards, and challenging drills have been invaluable for building up our case and refining delivery and argumentation. DFWSD coaches understand what it takes to compete effectively on a national level, and have the experience and knowledge to take students to the highest level in meeting their goals.

Hannah D.

I was fortunate enough to attend the Intro to Team Policy Debate camp last summer. Team Policy debate seemed daunting at first, but the instructors did a great job of easing me into debate and preparing me very well for the season ahead. It was taught by amazing speakers and debaters who I enjoyed getting to know. Debate has been –  incredibly helpful for me—I feel like my speaking skills and confidence levels have increased this year. It has also helped me decide on a career path—I have wanted to be a lawyer for a while, but debate has made me even more sure I would enjoy this job. I continued coaching with Mrs. Nasser throughout the season which helped me immeasurably. Her coaching sessions helped me be well-prepared and confident before every tournament. I highly doubt I would have qualified to the National Championship in my first year of debate without her help!

Istra Fuhrmann
Nationally qualified her 1st year of debate

I could not ask for a better private coach than Justin Manchester. He has taken me further in LD debate than anyone has before. I know that if I complete the work that he has laid out for me, I can make it to Nationals. He has been amazing in helping me to grow my LD skills. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done. I hope that he will be coaching next year so that I can work with him again. He has stirred such an excitement in me for debate, my one regret is that I cannot spend more time on it. Thank you Justin, for teaching me so much in such a short amount of time.

Peter W.
We are thankful to the Nasser family for writing the Tools For Debate Curriculum. It is the first week by week curriculum that we have found, plus it has the added bonus of being resolution specific! It provides training on the fundamentals for new debaters, while being an excellent resource for our experienced debaters. DFW Speech & Debate also provided online debate coaching for our club through Skype. Through all their efforts, 3 students from our club won 3 of the 5 invitations in Lincoln Douglas to the 2013 National Championship and one finished 4th in the nation!
Lisa D. (Mars Hill Speech & Debate Club)

DFWSD debate coaching was instrumental in helping my partner and I improve our skills in true debate: thorough, logical analysis and real-word-impacting. In addition, our coach (Micah Bock) was not only instructional, but very encouraging to my brother and me! If you want to improve your debate skills beyond those of many TPers (who often simply recite evidence and opinions), I strongly encourage you to try DFWSD coaching!

S. Anastasi
(1st place 2016 PA Qualifier)

DFWSD’s Intermediate/Advanced LD camp and private coaching made a substantial impact on my career in debate. To learn and make progress you need skillful instruction, dedicated encouragement, and, most importantly, you need to be challenged. DFWSD, and Mrs. Nasser specifically, has provided all of these in a professional yet caring manner that reflects their deep knowledge and experience in teaching critical thinking. The instruction and coaching helped me to truly enjoy speech and debate, conquer an initial fear of public speaking, and get the most out of my experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Jozef Soja
3rd place LD, 2015 National Championship

DFW Speech & Debate offers excellent one-on-one coaching that pin-points your students strengths and weaknesses and helps them strive to achieve goals that they would not normally think they could achieve alone. I wish I had started coaching earlier for each of my older children. This is a life skill that your children will never outgrow.

Susan H.