Camp Policies

Dress Code

The spirit of the dress code is modesty. The goal is to minimize the focus on the body or outward appearance and maximize the focus on the development of communication skills. Young ladies should wear modest clothing with pants or shorts/skirts close to the knee and must have NO midriffs showing. Tank tops, low-cut blouses, short-shorts and mini-skirts are not allowed.

On the last day of camp, students are required to dress up for the mini-competition. A suit or a collared shirt and dress slacks are recommended for guys, and a nice skirt/blouse or dress is recommended for gals.



Our summer camps will be held at multiple locations each year. Please click on the link listed in the "Location" column of the summer camp chart for the exact address of the camp your student will be attending. Look for the DFW Speech & Debate sign as you enter the parking lot on the first day of camp.

We are very grateful to our host facilities for opening their doors for our training each summer. All participants must stay inside the facility during camps, and treat the church staff and property with the utmost honor and respect. Parents are financially responsible for any damage to the facilities caused by their children. 


Camp Attendance

Summer Camps are for registered participants only. Students, plan to arrive by 8:45am each morning so you have enough time to check-in, order lunch and have your homework reviewed by camp leaders. Make arrangements to be picked up promptly when camp ends each evening.



Students can bring a sack lunch to eat during the lunch break each day or they have the option of bringing $6 to place a lunch order each morning from a nearby sandwich shop. We pick up lunch from a designated restaurant or sandwich shop each day as a convenience to parents. The $6 lunch includes the main entree (sandwich, pizza etc), and a water bottle. We no longer include sodas with lunch because students are more alert for afternoon instruction without the high sugar content in sodas. Students are also welcome to bring light snacks to eat during our mini-breaks.


Code of Conduct

Camp participants are to exhibit a kind, polite and respectful attitude toward others at all times. They are expected to actively participate in discussions, ask questions, and conscientiously complete their homework assignments (oral or written).     


No Recordings

Videotape or recording of camp training is prohibited (no exceptions).


Non-Refundable Fees

Camp registration fees are not refundable - your registration is your commitment that your student will participate in their registered events. A tremendous amount of work goes into preparing the top quality training your students receive at our program. Our policy enables us to plan for the number of students that will be attending, providing the best possible experience for all participants.

In the event of a conflict, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to switch to another camp. However, please note that a $10 administrative fee will be incurred for more than one change request for the same camp (there is no charge for the first change request).


Parent Presentation & Awards

Summer camps culminate in a mini-competition where students apply what they have learned. Students are encouraged to dress up for this competition - a collared shirt with dress slacks are recommended for guys and a skirt/blouse or dress is recommended for gals. After the competition, we will close with a Parent Presentation and Awards, as well as "next steps" for families interested in competing next season. After the presentation, families will have the opportunity to browse and purchase the latest editions of our curriculum as well as other important resources!


Release of Liability

Parents or legal guardians acknowledge that they have freely chosen to enroll their child in a DFW Speech & Debate program, and release DFW Speech & Debate LLC, our staff, and host facilities (listed in the "Location" column of the summer camp chart) from all liability in the event of accident or injury while participating in our program. Parents or legal guardians also represent that their child(ren) are in good physical health, and do not possess any contagious illness, physical or mental disabilities that limit their participation in the program.



DFW Speech & Debate has permission to photograph student(s) during our training, unless otherwise specified by the parent. Photographs will be used for promotional purposes only. Student's names may also be posted on the DFW Speech & Debate Facebook page if they go on to win or place in future speech and debate tournaments.


We look forward to welcoming our new & returning families to a great camp experience!