The caliber of our training makes all the difference!

For any business professional looking for help in public speaking, I would highly recommend Suzanne Nasser and her staff from DFW Speech and Debate. I have worked with their group for over a month now, and have noticed a dramatic difference in my confidence level and my ability to be more persuasive in my delivery in just a few short weeks. If you can challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone and be willing to learn and apply the techniques that DFW Speech and Debate teaches, you will see a dramatic difference in your speeches and presentations. From critical listening skills, to formulating well-reasoned responses to taking well-supported positions, DFW Speech and Debate's business training teaches valuable techniques that apply to the real business world. I’m glad I agreed to work with them, and will continue to work with them as I further sharpen my public speaking skills and advance my career. - J. Silvas (VP & Resident Director, Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch)


DFW Speech & Debate provides phenomenal business training to help executives provide energetic, credible presentations! After just a few sessions, my entire view on the framework, use of visual aids, and anecdotes to increase audience engagement and retention has improved. The rigorous practice sessions on real world presentation scenarios has been incredibly valuable! My confidence has improved dramatically and the value add to my firm and the teams that I lead has continued to improve! - L. Albritten (Associate Market Executive, Merrill Lynch)


I attended Intermediate/Advanced LD camp at the beginning of the season where the coaches equipped me with the tools and processes to establish sound principles and logic for my cases. The cases I ran at nationals rested on the principles I identified at camp. Without the analytic aid provided by DFWSD, I doubt I could have experienced such a successful season. - Grayson Logue (2nd place LD, 2015 National Championship)


DFWSD training at Intermediate/Advanced LD camp and private coaching made a substantial impact on my career in debate. To learn and make progress you need skillful instruction, dedicated encouragement, and, most importantly, you need to be challenged. DFWSD, and Mrs. Nasser specifically, has provided all of these in a professional yet caring manner that reflects their deep knowledge and experience in teaching critical thinking. The instruction and coaching helped me to truly enjoy speech and debate, conquer an initial fear of public speaking, and get the most out of my experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone. - Jozef Soja (3rd place LD, 2015 National Championship)


I attended DFWSD's LD camp knowing absolutely nothing about Lincoln Douglas debate. I came out of it equipped with everything I needed to know to have a successful debate season. In three days I learned the structure of LD, how to construct my own cases based on solid affirmative and negative principles, and how to deconstruct others! DFW Speech & Debate's training was crucial to my success this season! - Raphael Cavanna (1st place LD, 2016 OK National Open)


I went to the Intermediate/Advanced LD camp last year and it prepared me for the competition season more than I could even fathom at the time. If you want to do well this year listen up and learn from the Nasser's at camp! - Chris Absher (1st place LD, 2014 National Open)


I made it to semis in Lincoln Douglas at the 2014 NC National competition (with 152 LD competitors), with my AFF case that was based largely on what I learned at DFWSD's Intermediate/Advanced LD camp! The case was undefeated in elimination rounds - I went AFF four times in elim rounds and it won every time! THANK YOU SO MUCH DFWSD! - Cody Dedon (4th place LD, 2014 National Open)


Intermediate/Advanced LD camp gave me a jump start on the year - that has helped more than anything else. I would recommend them to any LD'er who wants to improve their debate performance. - Ben Absher (pre-qualified in LD to 2014 National Championship)


Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy debate camp was an excellent starting point for the season! The coaches were well-versed in the resolution and debate theory, and motivated each student to do their best. Whether it was through sessions, breakout groups, or one-on-one case drills, I gained much through their expertise and am excited to start a great season on the right foot! - H. David (6th place Team Policy, 2015 National Championship)


I had a fantastic time at Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy camp. I learned a ton about the resolution, and feel confident debating it. The leaders and instructors were very knowledgeable about cases, which helped in many ways. Their passion for helping us improve our debate skills was motivating. Thank you for putting together a phenomenal camp! - C. Chenault (2015 Regional Team Policy Champion, TX)


I was privilaged to be able to get started on the right track in my first year of competitive speech at the DFWSD Intro to Speech camp!!! When I was first asked to give an impromptu speech, I asked myself how is that even possible! But the instructors were amazing and they helped me achieve so much. Thanks to their help, believe it or not, I advanced to the National Championship my first year and recieved 7th place Impromptu speaker! I highly recommend DFW Speech and Debate camps! They start you off on the right track and help you stay on it!!! - C. Cummings (7th place Impromptu, 2015 National Championship)


DFWSD's Intro to LD camp was indisputably essential to where I am today as a debater! I have come to understand that LD debate requires a foundational understanding of the principles and a deep analysis of the resolution. DFWSD's camp comprehensively covered both of these fundamental aspects of LD. My debating would be completely different if it were not for the excellent training I received. I highly recommend DFWSD camps to anyone who wants to understand LD and debate successfully next season! - John Cavanna (1st place LD, 2015 Frisco Qualifier)


I have been to several LD debate camps, but I always left feeling confused. After attending DFWSD's LD camp, that changed - it all clicked. I finally understood the purpose of the value and criterion, and how to organize my arguments and impact them to the round. Their methods of teaching and instructing are hands-on and highly effective. I learned more in DFWSD's Intermediate/Advanced LD camp than I had in my previous two years of debate. My understanding of LD has helped me place higher in competition than I ever have before, exceeding my personal goals! My only regret is that I didn't go to a DFW debate camp sooner!!! - Kristin Trainer (2nd place LD, 2015 Anderson SC Qualifier)


The training that my partner and I have received has helped me beyond words. I've gone to multiple different camps and have had sessions from multiple different coaches, yet nothing has compared to the instruction that I've received from DFW camps and coaching. Before, I had good speaking and persuasion skills but I lacked the ability to logically analyze and present arguments in a coherent manner. DFW helps you to look at the "why behind the what" like no one else does. I would recommend their camps to any debater who is looking to take their abilities to the next level! - M. Patton (1st place Team Policy, 2015 KS & MN Qualifiers)


DFWSD Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy debate camp was 100% without a doubt completely worth my time and money! I enjoyed every minute of it, and learned so much! All of the instructors were extremely helpful and really seemed to care about making us better debaters and critical thinkers. This camp was a new challenge to me to think more deeply than I have had to in debate rounds before. The instructors made themselves very available to us, which was one of the most helpful parts of the camp. Each instructor, whether lecturing or discussing something one-on-one made me think, instead of thinking for me. They were able to tell us when we were on the right track in our thinking, and they were able to lead us to the right answer if we weren't, without simply spelling it out to us. They gave us plenty of opportunity for questions, and they made sure we understood before teaching us something new. This camp has really inspired me to take my debating to a whole new level, and put even more time and effort into preparation for the competition season. This camp has inspired me beyond the bounds of competition season; it has made me want to strive for excellence in thinking and speaking outside of debate rounds as well! - Blythe Landon (MO)


I really enjoyed the whole Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy debate camp experience! I thought the staff team was very impressive. James Russell was particularly great, I thoroughly enjoyed the way he lectured. It was honestly a surprise to see him making faces and jumping around like he was having the time of his life. They were probably the most engaging lectures that I've ever been a part of. I think the material that was discussed and the way that we practiced it was very effective and I learned a whole lot in a very short amount of time. I will definitely be back to another camp and I would also recommend someone else to attend aswell.  - J. Lagrange


I had such an amazing time at the Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy debate camp and learned a lot! I feel like I now know what a strong affirmative case needs. I also learned how to find assumptions in the affirmative teams case as the negative, and how to debate with a strong thesis! I'm glad I attended the camp!! It definitely exceeded my expectations! Thanks!! - Aley O.


The Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy debate camp staff was exceptional. They presented material in an easy-to-understand format, kept the students fully engaged (even during in-depth lectures) and provided them with ample opportunities for integration and application of the knowledge and skills they gained each day. - Laura W.


The Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy debate camp was a blast! The Lectures were extremely helpful, and the 1-on-1 time with the instructors were particularly helpful in picking cases and reorganizing our materials. I learned a lot about the resolution for this year, and am very glad I came. Thank you so much for organizing this camp! - E. Lindstrom (MO)


I am so thankful I was able to attend DFWSD's Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy debate camp. The homework required before camp began was challenging, but it was necessary in order to effectively argue your affirmative case and to prepare to go negative against others. Each lecture given was helpful and well-explained, but I especially enjoyed the "Going Neg Without a Brief" lecture. I feel as if I was taught a brand new way to debate by thinking critically and using strategic methods to get your point across. All instructors/student leaders were welcoming and each portrayed a wonderful example of what it means to be a strong, effective debater while shining the light of Christ. If you desire to succeed and want to get a headstart on the resolution, I highly recommend this camp. I feel much more prepared for this year's debate season as a result of the camp training, and I intend on coming back next summer! - T. Cavett


I loved Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy debate camp so much and learned a lot! The lectures were so helpful, especially the one about going "NEG without a brief." The instructors were very helpful in solidifying our AFF case. I can't wait to go back next year! - M. Batchelder (MO)


I very much enjoyed the Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy debate camp, especially learning the "NEG without a brief" process, and learning to link all arguments back to the standard/thesis. - E. Kee (MO)


The instruction at Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy debate camp was fantastic! The instructors were very supportive and helped work out the bugs in my case. Everyone working for the camp was inviting and friendly and I was overall very impressed with the presentation and organization. Thank you for a great experience going into debate this year! - A. Davis


I loved the interactive lectures in Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy camp, they were easy to follow and most helpful. The structure of the camp (lectures about techniques, followed with exercises/drills to practice them) created a perfect learning environment. It was impossible not to improve! The instructors were very committed to helping me improve, and I appreciated their attentiveness. Not only was this camp outstanding and challenging, but it was also very fun! Everything was absolutely faultless! - A. Schwensen (MO)


Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy camp was really, really amazing! The instructors not only helped me transition from LD back to TP, but they also taught me new, effective techniques that I had not heard of before. - J. Cavanna (TX)


My children received excellent training at your Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy and Apologetics camps, and are much more confident and ready to begin the 2017-18 speech & debate season! The first aspect of your camp which I appreciate most is the level of professionalism projected by the leaders and expected of the students. The second aspect I appreciate is the lack of childish, time-filler games. I like your approach of giving them instruction and immediately allowing them to demonstrate what they are learning by putting them into tournament-like competitions. Your staff did an excellent job of integrating two leagues' topics and yet specializing the training for their differing resolutions. We would definitely attend another camp offered by DFW Speech & Debate! - D. Jarboe


The Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy camp was great! The leaders provided detailed information on the resolution and debate theory. They worked with us on creating a case and were available at anytime to talk and go over our case. I was especially pleased with the lectures on going negative, I learned how to make a brief and form a strategy that had a goal instead of blindly running arguments with no real goal in mind. I would highly recommend this camp to debaters looking to understand the resolution, form a solid case before the debate year starts, and grow in their knowledge of going negative! - D. Alcazar


I had an absolute blast at Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy camp! I thought that camp was not going to be fun, but after the first lecture I knew that I was going to enjoy it. The instructors had very nice teaching styles. They kept you interested throughout, even when it was a lecture. - Claire C.


Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy camp was great! The lectures were really good and the leaders were very engaging and easy to follow. The help the leaders gave me helped me tremendously in preparation for the season ahead. - S. Britt (TX)


Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy Debate Camp really helped me to get a better understanding of the resolution. I learned many new and advanced techniques that further developed my skills as a debater. The leaders were very helpful and engaging. Overall, I had a great camp experience, and I cannot wait to go back next year. - B. Denney (TX)


I benefited immensely from the Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy camp experience. It taught me a lot about debate that I have never been introduced to before. Thank you so much for helping me to take my level of debate to the next level. Looking forward to Nationals! - Mindy H.


I got an excellent start on the season at the Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy camp, thanks to James Russell! He is an amazing debater and an even better coach. I learned the techniques necessary to have a successful year in debate! - Anna D.


Many of my previous rounds of debate have been confused and scattered, due to the lack of a theses on both teams' part. The easily applicable focus on "thesis debate" is probably one of the single greatest impacts on how I feel about my competence in debate. Thank you very much to DFWSD and all of their staff! - Nathaniel B. (LA)


The Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy camp was incredibly helpful to me and my partner! We are now a step ahead of competitors who did not get the extensive background and exhaustive case critiques that we did. - John C.


Before Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy camp, I did not enjoy the negative side of any resolution. Now, it is my favorite side thanks to James' amazing instruction! The camp leaders were very instrumental in helping me to develop a strong case and taught me how to run thesis-driven debate. - Connie C. 


I really enjoyed coming to the Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy camp this summer. I would have to say my favorite part about camp was either Piranha Packing or the practice tournament. Debating was a ton of fun! - A. Clarke (TN)


I was more than impressed by the level of professionalism and knowledge regarding debate theory and strategy at your Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy camp. Your group raised the standard for student conduct and quality of debate without arrogance or exclusivity. Thank you! - J. Patton (MO)


OUTSTANDING! You know how to do it. You set the bar high, but you gave both the Intro Team Policy and Advanced Team Policy students the tools to meet and even exceed the bar. I look forward to having my students do these camps again, and hopefully the Extemp camp as well! - J. Wolfe (PA)


DFW debate camps are an invaluable resource for debaters seeking to prepare for competition season. The coaching is top-notch and the fact that you get opportunities to apply the knowledge you receive makes the experience very benefitical. Plus, it's fun! - J. Beaver (AL)


I really enjoyed my time at Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy camp! The staff was amazing and willing to do everything they could to help me learn. James is a naturally gifted teacher and was extremely informed on the topic and never lacked the ability to answer anyone's questions. - T. Smith


Thank you all very much for the Intermediate/Advanced Team Policy camp. This camp was extremely informative and really showed me how to improve my debating skills. I am very thankful for all the work the leaders put in - lecturing, judging, and working individually with us and making sure we got the best. I learned a lot from them. Thank you for a wonderful experience! - S. Kumar (TX)


I loved Intermediate/Advanced LD camp! It was very well run, and had the perfect mix of debate theory and application of that theory. The leaders were extremely helpful, and created an atmosphere that encouraged discussion, focused on critical thinking, and changed how we thought about the resolution and Lincoln Douglas in general. I would like to thank everyone who was involved for all of their hard work. This camp was an incredible way to kick-start this upcoming competitive season! - M. Chapman (TX)


I loved Intermediate/Advanced LD camp! The instruction pertaining to the resolution was so informative and helpful and gave me a huge jumpstart on the season. Also just having the accountability of an actual mini tournament helped me get done in three days what took me months last year. Now I have like the whole season in front of me for practice debating, more in-depth thorough research, and just sharpening everything up for competition! It makes me so excited to know how much camp forced me to get done before club has even started! Thanks so much! - C. Elliott (TX)


Intermediate/Advanced LD camp was amazing!!!! - J. Foster


The Intermediate/Advanced LD camp was an incredible learning experience for me! The instructors explained the complicated philosophical ideas very comprehensively, while still allowing the students to come up with their own ideas as well, leaving lots of room for great discussion time to develop our thoughts. This camp gave me a great head start on understanding the resolution, what sort of cases I will likely come across, and how to effectively debunk faulty arguments pertaining to the resolution. I learned so much in just a few days time and can't wait to implement everything that was discussed at camp this upcoming tournament season! - M. Montgomery


I had no clue what to expect coming Intermediate/Advanced LD camp. Little did I know that I was in for one of the best experiences of my debate career! I learned more about Lincoln-Douglass debate in 3 days than I learned all year beforehand. The coaches were fantastic and really got everyone thinking on a deeper level than when we began. I loved that they taught us the process, so that the skills we learned will be applicable in the seasons to come. I will definitely be recommending this camp and organization to any of my peers who are looking to go far in debate! Thank you all for your time and dedication! - Cari R.


Thank you for the great experience and training at Intermediate/Advanced LD. I went to camp ready to learn and prepare for the upcoming debate year. However, I wasn't able to compete until about half way through the year when I went to the last few tournaments. Thanks to DFWSD's camp training, I got 3rd place at my first tournament, then 4th place at another tournament 2 weeks later, and ended up qualifying to the National Championship. - W. Hudson (AL)


I had a great experience at Intermediate/Advanced LD camp! I learned a whole lot and look forward to applying the strategies I learned at this camp to my debate rounds this season. The instructors and material were excellent. Overall it was a great educational experience. - T. Cantwell (TX)


Intermediate/Advanced LD camp was very informative and a lot of fun! The value implication and objections lecture and structured refutation lectures were very helpful to me. - G. Wenzel (MO)


I really appreciated the pace and layout of the sessions at Intermediate/Advanced LD camp. The leaders were very helpful and able to quickly answer any questions I had, and bring up additional points for me to consider. In short, it was a non-stop, cardio workout for my brain and absolutely fantastic. - T. Robishaw


The Intro to Lincoln Douglas debate camp in Tampa was the right balance of fun and learning. Although this was my first time doing LD I left camp on day 3 with tons of knowledge about LD. One of the best parts was the mini competion at the end of the camp! - Varun K


Intro to Lincoln Douglas debate camp was executed with professionalism and precision. It provided a challenging atmosphere, yet the instructors consistently offered encouragement and assistance which made the students' goals achievable. - J. Lee


Going into Intro to Lincoln Douglas debate camp, I was highly skeptical and was convinced that I hated debate. However, through the drills and debates, I learned invaluable cross-examination skills, case deconstruction, and most important of all, confidence. Coming out of my first debate tournament of the season, I can see the fruits of all that camp has taught me. On the ballots that I won, the reasons for decision were: passionate delivery, confident cross-ex, and solid refutation. All of these are skills that I developed at camp! Thank you DFWSD! I credit you with being able to break my first year of LD. - M. Laporte


Overall, the teachers at Intermediate/Advanced LD camp were AMAZING and often asked me to take my arguments, points, and ideas one step further by asking "why" or "how". By the end, I had a case that was practically tournament ready and skills that I can further enhance at home!  - S. Babin (FL)


I attended the Tampa Intermediate/Advanced LD camp and thoroughly enjoyed it. I really appreciated how the coaches were always open to questions and were very personable while still being professional. I loved the process that they guide you through to develop a good, strong principle. I learned so much about the political theories surrounding the resolution, how to simplify a round, effective cross-examination etc. Without the DFWSD camp this summer, I would not have been able to produce a solid case in so short a time and be able to gain a deeper understanding for this year's resolution. I highly recommend their training and look forward to using the skills I learned throughout the debate competition season. - C. McLeod


The Tampa Intermediate/Advanced LD camp was an amazing experience that taught and built up many LD skills that I never realized I was missing. - N. Cathcart (FL)


I was very impressed with the Intermediate/Advanced LD camp. I was pleased with the homework assignments given prior. These were well planned and provided a place for the students to start to get a handle on the topics. It also put the students all on the same page which led to great discussions. I liked the push for writing a case based on a strong thesis. This gave the students more understanding. I was impressed with the coaching that was given by the staff and their willingness to be available to the students. The camp was well organized and flowed well. My student left with much more knowledge and was inspired to work harder on debate the coming year. He was excited and sure of himself because he understood the topic. I would be interested in my student attending camp again next year! Thank you so much! - J. Troxler


First of all, thank you for letting the parents stay through the Intro to Lincoln Douglas debate camp; we do not get that opportunity very often. My son went in not knowing what he was getting into. After this power packed three days of debating experience, he is seriously looking into competing! Mrs. Nasser and all of the coaches were extremely devoted to making the camp worthwhile for each and every camper. My son came out of the camp with increased communication skills, confidence in public speaking, enhanced writing skills, researching skills, and higher self-confidence. I am very thankful to DFWSD for bringing this training to Tampa, and hope to see you here more frequently! - S. Chaplot (FL)


The Intro to Lincoln Douglas debate camp instructors were amazing! I learned so much, and now have a great foundation to build on for this debate season! - W. Scheopner


Intro to Lincoln Douglas debate camp was a wonderful experience for my daughter! She went with very little knowledge and was able to compete in 3 debate rounds with confidence by the end of the 3rd day of camp! - K. Holdman


Intro to Lincoln Douglas debate camp was fun. It really taught me the fundamentals of LD and gave me a head start on this year's debate season. - L. Wenzel


Intro to Lincoln Douglas debate camp was a great spring board into the 2015/16 season. It helped me to better understand the art of case making, and the skills necessary to be successful. The leaders and the other attendees where awesome. - J. Kolar


We appreciate the quality of the DFW Speech & Debate camps! The Intro to Lincoln Douglas debate camp was well organized and my children enjoyed learning about Lincoln Douglas debate. - R. Mitchell


The content of the online Lincoln Douglas debate workshop was fabulous. Thank you for offering this option. We are just finishing the last day of Intro/Intermediate Team Policy debate camp in NJ. Both of my students are really enjoying themselves! Thanks to your instruction, they were able to do the homework and actually get up and debate in 3 days! Thank you, and we'll see you next year wherever you are! - J. Wolf


The NJ Intro/Intermediate Team Policy camp was a very informative, hands on experience! Great instructors and interesting lectures with breakout groups to apply them to. I definitely learned a lot and am looking forward to putting what I learned into practice this coming season. - A. Adragna


The Intro/Intermediate Team Policy camp helped me in many different ways. I came in with very little knowledge of debate, and by the third day I was very prepared to debate. It was very fun and amazing! Everyone was very helpful and caring. I'm so glad I went to this debate camp. - B. Stafford


The Intro/Intermediate Team Policy camp was excellent! The speakers were all helpful, succinct, and on-point. The breakout sessions and drills were very useful for building skills. And, the debate rounds were an awesome experience. I would definitely attend any other programs organized by DFWSD, and would highly recommend this camp for anyone looking for a great foundation in Team Policy Debate. - A. Black


The Intro/Intermediate Team Policy camp was excellent! It really helped my boys understand Team Policy debate better, and James was a fun teacher which kept the students focused throughout the camp. - B. Meyer


This was my second child to attend DFW Speech & Debate's Intro to Team Policy debate camp. Both times my children learned quickly and in the case of my older child, she went on to excel in competition. - M. Schmidt


Intro to Team Policy debate camp was absolutely amazing! All of the instructors were amazing at explaining things and not making me feel foolish when I didn't understand something. James and Mark especially were amazing in all of their lectures. I honestly don't think you should call them lectures because I thoroughly enjoyed all of them. - R. Haney


I was absolutely impressed with the level of expertise as well as professionalism the coaches displayed at the Intro to Team Policy debate camp that my daughter attended in Austin. She knew nothing about TP Debate and your team taught her not just the fundamentals of debate, but actually coached her through three rounds of competition in just three days! I highly recommend DFW Speech & Debate to fellow homeschoolers! Thank you DFW Speech & Debate! - K. Coovrey (TX)


You guys did a great job inspiring my child to want to participate in debate at the Intro to Team Policy debate camp. Sometimes debate seems overwhelming. Thanks for showing him that it can be done and be fun! - D. Goode


I was overwhelmingly impressed with every aspect of the Intro to Team Policy debate camp in Austin! - C. Kirby


I didn't know what to expect going in to the Intro to Team Policy debate camp. But after three days, my love for debate sky rocketed! I not only learned the history of China but how to debate it effectively. Overall my experience at this camp was incredible! - M. Ruiz


I absolutely loved my experience at both the Extemporaneous and Intermediate/Advanced Lincoln Douglas camps. The instructors were fantastic and I learned a lot. - Adith S.


Extemporaneous camp was genuinely exemplary and intellectual! - Nazia


I thought that there was a great balance of lectures and drills at the Extemporaneous camp. The lectures were concise and to the point and I also loved the tournament! It was a great experience! I was very nervous about it, but it stretched me. All the teachers and coaches were very nice and welcoming. - Malia M.


Awesome coaching and environment. My student loved the Extemporaneous and Interview Skills camp! - Jane I.


The Intro to Team Policy camp was amazing!! I loved all of the leaders! They made the camp so much fun! When they judged our debate rounds and critiqued us after, they were not condescending and always made us feel good about how we did. I liked the way the material was presented. It was taught in a way that was so easy to understand and I wasn't bored at all during the lectures. I also liked that the leaders made sure we were completely prepared to debate and if we had any questions, they answered all of them. I went to the camp on the first day knowing nothing at all about Team Policy debate and left the camp winning the 3rd place team award. The instructors definitely did a wonderful job teaching me! - K. Tucker


Amazing experience!!! We are just returning home from the Intro to Team Policy camp in Tampa. The drive home took about 5 hours and between napping and eating, the conversation kept going back to debate! The kids would remember something funny the instructors said/did as well as some great, "oh, now I see why!" moments. I really can't say enough nice things about the instructors and their level of professionalism. They easily handled all the details while keeping the students engaged in the topic, even laughing. The instructors were very impressive and extremely encouraging to students! Everything focused on getting the kids comfortable speaking as well as giving them a sense of accomplishment. Our kids still can't believe they started camp knowing nothing about debate and left the camp after competing in three full debates!! Thank you DFW Speech & debate! - A. Leverett (GA)


This was my first year at Intro to Team Policy camp and I loved it!!! I walked in knowing nothing about debate and 3 days later walked out knowing more about debate than I ever dreamed of knowing. The teachers were great - kind, helpful and very encouraging. I enjoyed the games which helped with speaking in front of a crowd. Everyone should do this camp! - Alex Gaspard (LA)


Intro to Team Policy camp was amazing and extremely helpful! I needed all the information we covered. The first day I knew nothing and by the last day I knew all about the US Federal Court System, research and finding evidence. I liked all the games we did to learn more about the resolution, speaking, and debate. I highly suggest this camp for all beginner debaters!!! - A. Ledoux (LA)


Intro to Speech and Intro to Team Policy were both excellent camps! The leaders made speech fun, while also delving into the different categories and a lot of helpful instruction. In Team Policy, we were able to dig deeper into the resolution, and the leaders helped us to impact our arguments back to the standard/thesis. Overall, both were helpful and really fun. - J. Doto (FL)


The Intro to Team Policy camp was excellent! The instructors taught clearly and created a safe, engaging environment in which to learn debate. The lectures were effective and well placed. The final day of debate rounds was fun, informative, and gave me confidence in my ability to debate. I am now excitedly anticipating the start of my year debating, confident that I will enjoy the year and grow as a debater, equipped with the skills I learned in this camp! - H. Hughes (TX)


I went to Intro to Team Policy camp not knowing anything about debate, and now I am a lot more confident in my debate skills! The coaches were super knowledgable, friendly and hilarious. They answered all my questions an helped me when I was struggling. I'm excited to use the skills I learned in this camp to further my debate skills. - Lili C. (TX)


I enjoyed the Intro to Speech and Intro to Team Policy summer camps. I was able to get an excellent understanding of the fundamentals of Team Policy as well as getting feedback from my speeches that I would have never been able I get. - K. Ganga (FL)


Having participated in the Intermediate/Advanced LD camp the previous year, the Intro to Team Policy camp was a unique and inspiring way for me to learn an entirely new style of debate! The instructors were fantastic! They each personally assisted the students through lectures, homework evaluation, and by answering any questions we had. I still cannot believe that after one day of training, I was able to debate in my first policy debate round. Thank you so much to all of the instructors and everyone who helped us. I learned so much during the three days of camp! - E. Savoie (FL)


My experience at Intro to Speech and Intro to Team Policy camps was way more than I had imagined!! I would definitely recommend these camps to anyone who is wanting to start speech and debate or just want to try it out. The staff was amazing!! And it was super fun!! I can't wait to start this year!!! - A. Alvarez (FL)


The Intro to Team Policy was a very well organized camp. I was amazed that all the participants stayed engaged from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm. Wonderful to see kids fired up with confidence. I highly recommend this camp. I know my son will definitely look forward to participanting again next year. Thank you to the team for the wonderful experience. - R. Singh (FL)


Intro to Team Policy camp was wonderful! We were so impressed with everything about the camp. This is something we are very interested in continuing with both our children ages 12 and 9. - J. McCall (LA)


I was really happy to learn so much about foreign policy with China at the Intro to Team Policy camp, and was super impressed with the instructors. They were very enthusiastic and thorough. - S. Koch


I observed the Intro to Team Policy camp from the back of the room while my son attended. To take my son, a total beginner, to correctly following the format and debating was amazing. James Russell is a fantastic teacher. I will be keeping an eye out for any other camps or classes he teaches. Mrs. Nasser has a gift for giving accurate but encouraging feedback to the campers. - A. Swirsky (TX)


My son enjoyed and learned a lot from the Intro to Speech and Intro to Team Policy camps! They were a real confidence booster for him. He had the opportunity to work as a team, and experience such interesting topics. The camps were very well organized and run. Positive environment! Looking forward to many more such experiences! - A. Nair


I absolutely enjoyed every moment of the Intro to Speech summer camp! I went from being a shy speaker who stuttered every sentence, to a confident public speaker who could balance her emotions and deliver an impactful speech. I discovered a new talent at camp, and I have continued to build upon it at speech club. I absolutely recommend going, as this camp has definitely changed my Public Speaking ability! - S. Dandu


It was amazing! I learned so much at Intro to Speech camp! It has made me a better communicator and allowed me to come out of my shell. I have never had so much fun at a camp! The instuctors were awesome and gave you good, honest feed back. Thank you so much for this experience! - M. deJong


The Intro to Speech camp was really fun and engaging! I was able to step out of myself and discover new things about speaking. - L. Grubbs


My son learnt a lot at Intro to Speech camp! The instructors were professional and effectively encouraged participation of the campers. They created a safe environment for learning with an element of fun. They provided simple achievable inputs and feedback that helped students incorporate and improve skills. I highly recommend this program. I will have my younger kids attend too. - M. Sreejit


Both of my kids received exactly what they needed at Intro to Speech camp, which were completely different things as it pertains to speech. One student needed motivation...and your excellent staff provided just what he needed to be inspired to continue with speech competition. My other student had the motivation, but needed feedback on ways to improve her overall speaking ability and how to select material, etc. My kids spoke very highly of the camp instructors and the overall experience. Thank you for all you do for our future generations! - J. Sheppard


The instructors at Intro to Speech camp were really supportive and kind. I really came out of my box there. I was so scared to speak in front of everyone but I ended up really enjoyed it. - G. Brannon


I had an incredible experience at Intro to Speech camp! The instructors and coaches offered wonderful advice and support. I got out of my comfort zone which was very rewarding, and in 2 short days I learned key communication skills to help me to process information and convey it in a way that people will understand. Thank you so much! - K. Robbins


My son received great feedback and coaching regarding his presentation at Intro to Speech camp! He will continue to use this training throughout the upcoming school year. We plan to send him back next year and include his sisters and their friends as well. Because of this positive experience, he is considering the speech and debate team. Thank you to all who had a hand in putting on this camp! - Kelli P.


This was the first year that my children attended DFWSD camps - they learned a lot in only a few days. I was very impressed by how well structured the camp was. The instructors were great, and my kids enjoyed the fact that they were alumni and advanced competitors. I highly recommend DFWSD. Thank you!!!! - Diana M. (TN)


I would like to express my appreciation and admiration for the wonderful Intro to Speech camp that my son attended this summer.  He really enjoyed it, gained a lot from the experience and would like to continue to be involved in speech activities.  The staff was wonderful and kind and obviously also very talented and inspirational as role models. - K. Jennings


After 2 days of Intro to Speech camp, my daughter told me that she wants to pursue speech competition! I saw major improvement in her presentation and really couldn't believe how much she improved! - J. Vasquez


I absolutely loved Intro to Speech camp! My speech was transformed over two days and this led me to win 2nd place. The instructors and student leaders helped me become more confident in communicating my ideas. Thank you Addi, Annabelle, and Elsa for your instruction and help! - S. Senthil


My kids loved the Intro to Speech camp in Tampa! I was pleasantly surprised that my son, who is normally very shy, couldn't wait to go to camp each day and loved giving his speech in front of people. Both of my kids want to go back next year! - S. Walters (GA)


We could not have asked for more in a Intro to Team Policy debate camp! My camper went from a hesitant and nervous 9th grader that I dragged to the camp, to a skilled and competitive debater with four rounds of debate under belt -- all in three information packed days. The instructors accomplished this through their use of the evident fruits of the Spirit in their lives: love of the students, joy in teaching, patience, peace and calm, long suffering, kindness, skill and faithfulness. I heartily recommend this camp to any parent wanting to introduce their child to the world of debate. - Commissioner Cagle (TX)


I enjoyed the Intro to Speech camp and learned a lot! Then when I went to the Intro to Team Policy camp, it got much more fun! I enjoyed applying what we learned! - M. Epstein


The Intro to Speech camp was a very effective use of our summertime! Both of my children grew in confidence, expressiveness in delivery and in communicating their points effectively. - K. Benson


My son was very reluctant to attend Intro to Speech camp, but he actually enjoyed it. He learned a lot and I am amazed to see a difference in his confidence when speaking to others after only two days of camp. Thank you for providing the opportunity for kids to learn and stretch themselves! - A. Sustala


It was amazing to watch my kids take personal responsibility over their assignments for Junior SpeechIntro to Speech and Intro to Team Policy camp. I watched both of my boys work as a team with those they were partnered with. This was a life-changing experience for our entire family! - S. Marcin (FL)


Great camp [Intro to Team Policy in Baton Rouge] with great instructors! My girls felt a huge improvement in their debate skills after participating in the camp. - S. Winter (LA)


Very pleased with the level of instruction received at Intermediate/Advanced LD camp! The coaches were top notch, sharing their expertise and love of debate. Well worth the drive (over two hours round trip each day for us). Looking forward to the continued instruction via the curriculum this year. Thanks for all the hard work! - M. Taylor


The Advanced Lincoln-Douglas camp in Orlando was a great stepping stone. I have learned a lot about the resolution, case structures, principles, value and criterion types and deconstructing cases among other things. I look forward to incorporating all this new knowledge into both my cases as well as my debate style itself. Overall, the camp impressed me, I learned a lot and will have invaluable experience for the competitive season which will prove extraordinarily useful. Thank you very much for hosting this camp! - T. Whelan (FL)


I learned a significant amount about critical thinking at Intermediate/Advanced LD camp, and really enjoyed getting a jump start on the ideas and philosophies of the resolution. Thank you so much for some great instruction!  - J. Lewis (TN)


I certainly felt the Intro to LD camp was well worth the cost and time and effort to take part. Instructors were excellent in making the debate process easily understood. They were professional, very knowledgeable and made the whole camp very enjoyable. I was very impressed. I loved seeing one quiet young man particularly open up and "get it" after being helped to ask a question in CX. I highly recommend your camp Thank you. My son has a clear plan on how to prepare for the season. Thank you again. - A. Ford (FL)


I thought debate summer camp was one of the most productive and educational courses I have ever taken! We covered so much information in only three days, and yet I felt that I understood all of it. Thank you! - E. Savioe (FL)


Intro to Speech camp was fantastic! The teachers always had something to say to help us improve. I am so glad I got to go to this camp and I'm excited to go to the next one. I feel like I improved a lot. I'm less shy in front of people now. Thank you! - D. Daga (TX)


I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different types of speech at Intro to Speech camp. It made me feel more confident. I have to say Impromptu was my favorite. I want to say thanks to the instructors for putting their time to helping us become better public speakers! - C. Sheppard


My son was very shy and lacked confidence presenting his class projects. He agreed to the Intro to Speech and Intro to Team Policy Debate summer camps only because his cousin was going. He was very impressed with the camp coaches, and how well they related with his age group. Now he is motivated to join the speech and debate club in Allen! I have seen a tremendous change in his confidence level and highly recommend these camps. - L. Reddy


The Intro to Speech camp was an amazing time. I found it to be fun, knowledgeable and intriguing. I was astounded by the amazing and qualified teachers. I loved learning about the different types of speeches and I hope to attend again! - R. Balakrishnan


Intro to Speech was a fantastic experience! The leaders and staff were very helpful, and I learned so much from them. I especially appreciated help in getting more into character during interp and the impromptu speaking coaching. I keep telling my mom that I can't wait for school to start this year so I can compete in speech and debate! - C. McNamara (TX)


I had so much fun at Intro to Speech Camp! I learned a lot and the teachers were all very informative and encouraging! I am definitely looking forward to my next chance at public speaking! - R. Folmar


Excellent camp! My daughter told me out of all summer camps that she has ever attended, DFWSD's Junior Speech camp was by far the best! I am not kidding. She loved how they promoted individual participation. - J. Iyer


We were initially hesitant about registering and traveling all the way from Austin to Coppell for the 2 day Junior Speech summer camp. However, it turned out to be best experience for my daughter and she totally loved it! It was worth every minute! While returning back from the 2 day camp, she said she enjoyed those 2 days as much as she enjoyed her recent trip to Disney. That made our day! Thank you DFW Speech & Debate for making it a memorable and great learning experience for my daughter. She can't wait for the next camp! - S. Gutta


My daughter had a great time at Junior Speech camp! This was her first time, and she was reluctant to attend but ended up enjoying the experience. - M. Scott


My daughter had a blast and learned so much at Junior Speech camp. Thank you for a great camp experience. - T. Reeves


My daughter had great things to say about Junior Speech camp! She really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. The instructors were very helpful! - M. Cherukuri


My daughter had a wonderful time at Intro to Speech camp and learned so much! - S. Snyder (FL)


I loved Intro to Speech camp! It was really fun and at the end of camp I wanted to do it again. - R. Sheikh (TX)


I had a great, fun time learning about speech at Junior Speech camp. I made some good new friends. I learned about the different types of speech and effective tips on how to make a good speech. It was a great camp! - A. Putera


My kids had a great time at Junior Speech camp and learned some valuable tips for public speaking. My daughter was very hesitant to attend camp at first, but I know she is glad that she was able to attend. Will definitely be back next summer! - L. Joseph


The Interview Skills camp was amazing! - M. Osigian (TX)


My kids really liked the Intro to Speech instructors. They learned a lot and had lot of fun. They did not waste any time and were constantly working on the topics. Thank you! - V. Addepalli (TX)


The Intro to Team Policy and Intermedate/Advanced LD camps helped prepare my children for a great year of debate. - D. Carleton (FL)


Thank you so much! I have learned a tremendous amount about Team Policy and this year's resolution. The instructors and Student Leaders were very eager to help in any way they could, and have helped our team to have such a jump start on the year! Thank you again! - A. Carleton (FL)


I thought my son did very well at the Intro to Team Policy camp and learn an amazing amount of information, but what impressed me the most was his ability to debate 3 rounds after only 2 days of training. You also made it fun. - A. Voltarel (FL)


The Intro to Team Policy camp was excellent! The DFW team was professional and knowledgable. Each student finished the camp excited and prepared for the upcoming season. - T. Morgan (FL)


All the Intro to Team Policy camp leaders were very friendly and helpful. The camp was really fun, and I learned a lot. I enjoyed actually getting to debate while we were there. I went to the camp convinced that I didn't want to do debate, but I left almost 100% sure I did want to do it! It was a wonderful experience! - K. Hobbs


I was nervous before going to the Intro to Team Policy camp, but it was really fun and my family was amazed by how much I could learn in 3 days. The instructors were really nice and they were very clear. - S. Ahmad (TX)


My 13 year old son and I attended DFW Intro to Lincoln Douglas Debate in Orlando. We came into the camp with no experience in either speech or debate. We were blessed to have spent our three days with such a wonderful, gifted, encouraging, accepting, courteous, and friendly group. I commend the leaders/instructors for their organization and delivery of content and the encouragement and consideration of the students no matter what level they were at. Finally, I must say that I can think of no better, primary goal for them to have presented to the students than that of critical thinking. - Tammy M.


All of the Confidence in Communication camp instructors were very nice and funny. I enjoyed both days, all the activities were fun. Cody was a great leader! He made me feel comfortable from the first moment I arrived, even taught me a special new handshake! I really liked performing for the parents. I was so excited to win first place on my prepared speech! I can't wait until I am old enough to join the club! - S. Crabtree


The Confidence in Communication camp instructors were awesome. I had fun! The games and the speeches were my favorite. I liked everything. I want to go back! - O. Kearley


Hearing from our 8 year old boy, the Confidence in Communication camp was a wonderful experience for him! The presentation on the final day showed us how passionate the instructors were with helping the students learn to be bold and courageous in their communication. We are very thankful indeed and look forward to many years to come. - G. McMillan


The Confidence in Communication camp was a great experience. It gave an opportunity to my child to explore communication skills and develop confidence! - R. Lapsiwala


The Intro to Speech and Intro to Team Policy camps I attended worked very well in making me more comfortable with speech and debate. I was never excited to go to these camps, but by the end, I found myself enjoying camp. The student leaders were all really helpful in telling us their past experiences and providing a model for what is possible if you pursue speech/debate. The camps were fun as well as educational, and I would definitely consider them again next summer. - A. Kandru


My teenagers enjoyed the Intro to Team Policy camp. I could see growth in them in just the 3 days of camp. We will definitely do this again next summer! - E. Denney


My daughter went into Intro to Speech camp quiet but she came out speaking boldly and confidently! She went in not sure about speech and at the end the camp it was all she talked about for days. I believe the camp brought out a side of her that she hadn't seen before and things she didn't know she was capable of doing. To see her blossom so quickly was awesome! - Gwen D 


Intro to Team Policy was an excellent camp; I learned so much in three days. The instructors were very knowledgeable and taught me so much. Their ability to communicate so well was very inspiring. I am enjoying debate immensely and have started to enjoy researching (especially about politics). The camp was very well organized. Thank you all for such a great camp. - Srishti K 


I had a great time learning how to debate effectively at Lincoln Douglas camp. All of the information presented was clear and easy to understand. When I had questions, the leaders and instructors were eager to answer them. Thanks DFW Speech and Debate! - Raven B.


My experience at LD camp was simply amazing! The instructors were devoted to the students, helping us when needed. I am very impressed with DFWSD camps, and will definitely be coming back next year. - Taylor W.


Intro to Lincoln Douglas debate camp was fantastic. I learned so much, and I feel prepared to start this debate year off with a bang. I thoroughly enjoyed constructing my Negative case and I came home with very helpful ballots. It was a great experience! - Abigail M (1st place LD at the 1st quallifying tournament in the 2013-2014 season)


My son and I were impressed at how well organized the days at Intro to Lincoln Douglas camp were and how the information was laid out clearly for him. As first year competitors, we strongly recommend DFW camps to any family or club that wants to begin the year on a positive path with a solid foundation in debate. What impressed me the most, is the joyful and patient attitude your leaders had. They never seemed too tired or distracted to answer a question that was probably asked for the 20th time this summer. We look forward to taking the Advanced LD camp next year! God Bless your ministry. - Mickey S.


Thank you so much for encouraging and pushing the students to think and reason at Intermediate/Advanced LD camp. My son walked away with more confidence and a great deal more understanding of what the issues he will be debating involve! I thought it was an excellent camp. My son is looking forward to attending again next year. - Denise C.


Intermediate/Advanced TP: Great small group feed-back and specific practice of the concepts that were taught. Very well run. - Susan H.


Thank you all so much for the wonderful Extemp camp! The camp was a great introduction to extemp and really inspired me - I enjoyed it thoroughly. Natalia and Adam, thanks so much for the hard work you put into teaching - I really appreciate it! - S. Kumar


I am very pleased with what we learned at camps this summer. I so wish we had known about these camps last year. The long drive to get to Tampa and George was well worth it! I was very impressed with the quality of the instructors and interns. Thank you to the leaders for being so understanding with our students yet pushing them to improve. Just overflowing with thankfulness. - Betty Lou F.


Really awesome Apologetics camp! I grew much stronger in my faith. The teachers were great! - A. Tvenstrup


My kids really enjoyed the Apologetics camp! They learned so much from Cesar Ruiz. We highly recommend this camp to everyone! - J. Trainer


I so enjoyed Apologetics camp. It was harder than I expected, but it boosted my confidence and taught me great tools for public speaking and apologetic arguments! The instructors were extremely encouraging, I can't even describe how nice they are! I came away excited about Jesus and sharing Him with the world. Thank you so much! - Grayson B.


I cannot say enough good things about the Apologetics camp! The instructor, Natalia Ruiz, hit it out of the ballpark!! The level to which she got the students to think was incredible! We will definitely attend next year!  - Laurie W.


Many thanks for the quality Apologetics camp that you provided to our son last summer.  He is now in 9th grade and we feel that your camp has allowed him to stand more firmly in his Christian beliefs this year in a secular environment. - T.R          


Apologetics camp  was AMAZING! I am so glad I was able to attend, I learned so much about the depth an Apologetics speech can have. But more importantly, it helped me think through responses that I can use in real life situations with others. - B. Leines


DFW summer camp training was very explanatory and I learned so much that I should have known my first year! The instructors were amazing and I actually had a great time. Also gained some more friends! I would recommend these camps to anybody thinking about starting speech and debate, and even those already in it! - Q Wright


I really, really enjoyed DFW summer camps. I was able to learn so much from the hands-on work we did in preparing debates and speeches. The student leaders were very encouraging, helpful, and insightful. Getting time to work in small groups with the reigning national champions was so exciting, and at the same time very educational. I loved the games that we played, and I noticed improvements in speaking and debating skills even as we played. The student leaders did a great job organizing and moderating those games! I will definitely be back for more! - K. Caroll


DFW summer camps was a good experience for my kids! They have learned the right way to debate and deliver massages to others. It was a wonderful opportunity for my kids to explore the way to communication, do research for debate, and write speech. You are the best camp! - Yijin L


"I was fortunate enough to attend the introductory DFW Speech and Debate camps last summer. Team Policy debate seemed daunting at first, but the camps did a great job of easing me into debate and preparing me very well for the season ahead. It was taught by amazing speakers and debaters who I enjoyed getting to know. Debate has been -  incredibly helpful for me—I feel like my speaking skills and confidence levels have increased this year. It has also helped me decide on a career path—I have wanted to be a lawyer for a while, but debate has made me even more sure I would enjoy this job. I continued coaching with Mrs. Nasser throughout the season which helped me immeasurably. Her coaching sessions helped me be well-prepared and confident before every tournament. I highly doubt I would have qualified to the National Championship in my first year of debate without her help!"  - Istra Fuhrmann (Nationally qualified her 1st year of debate)


"The DFW summer camps benefited me greatly by giving me a jump-start on the season ahead. They helped me understand the new topic (resolution) early-on, the history behind it and potential reforms to consider as cases. Overall, my 2 years in Debate has helped me develop solid critical-thinking skills. It has taught me to analyze why I believe what I believe and provide well-reasoned arguements to support my position. Mrs. Nasser’s coaching helped me greatly because she made us analyze our opponent's position, look at the mindset behind it, and show why the argument or mindset was faulty. This is skill will benefit me in every area of my life."  - Jared Smith (Nationally qualified debater)  


Adam Nasser's LD coaching has been phenomenal. With a thorough mastery of the Socratic method, Adam has taken me from knowing next to nothing about Lincoln-Douglas to nationally qualified, having defeated the top debater in Arkansas, over the course of approximately one month. - Catherine M.


Private coaching with Matt Rosa has helped me tremendously! I had no idea what was going on at the beginning and was really overwhelmed. Coaching has helped me understand LD and has helped me to prepare for competition season. It has definitely given me a leg up on this year's resolution. - Shelby B. (2016 2nd place Lincoln Douglas champion)


DFWSD debate coaching was instrumental in helping my partner and I improve our skills in true debate: thorough, logical analysis and real-word-impacting. In addition, our coach (Micah Bock) was not only instructional, but very encouraging to my brother and me! If you want to improve your debate skills beyond those of many TPers (who often simply recite evidence and opinions), I strongly encourage you to try DFWSD coaching! - S. Anastasi (1st place 2016 PA Qualifier)


DFWSD private coaching sessions have been a powerful tool in preparing our team for the competitive season. The specifically tailored feedback, high academic standards, and challenging drills have been invaluable for building up our case and refining delivery and argumentation. DFWSD coaches understand what it takes to compete effectively on a national level, and have the experience and knowledge to take students to the highest level in meeting their goals. - Hannah D.


Private coaching with coach Caleb Engle was amazing! He helped my sister and me accomplish our goal of breaking to regionals in Team Policy debate, and we almost made nationals. We had been doing Team Policy for a year and a half, but it was when we started coaching sessions with Caleb that we started growing leaps and bounds. The coaching made a tremendous difference, and I would highly recommend it! - E. White


Private coaching with Mrs. Nasser has enabled me to bring my analysis and understanding of the resolution to the next level. It has also helped me become a critical listener, teaching me to identify the underlying thesis and assumptions of cases. I leave every coaching session excited for what the researching and tournaments hold. - Michaella M.


I could not ask for a better private coach than Justin Manchester. He has taken me further in LD debate than anyone has before. I know that if I complete the work that he has laid out for me, I can make it to Nationals. He has been amazing in helping me to grow my LD skills. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done. I hope that he will be coaching next year so that I can work with him again. He has stirred such an excitement in me for debate, my one regret is that I cannot spend more time on it. Thank you Justin, for teaching me so much in such a short amount of time. - Peter W.


Private coaching with James Russell has made our entire school year a success! Learning how to think and analyze is vital for learning and integrating knowledge in debate and in life. My son looks forward to every coaching session and always is happy after each coaching time because he has spent time learning how to think and being challenged. Thanks, James!! - Kara F.


I have been taking TP coaching from James Russell, and it has been excellent! He has shown both interest in our team's success and dedication to helping us do the best we possibly can. James has been brilliant about keeping us working hard, helping us push past areas that we find difficult, and challenging us with new skills. Overall, this experience has been a very beneficial one for my first year of policy debate! Thank you! - Emma S.


Private coaching is what I needed to get a jumpstart with the season as a sophomore in high school. It was excellent and really payed off! My partner and I were the only undefeated team going 4-0 at our tournament. Thank You So much!! - Mehak S.


Coach James Russell has done a fantastic job at focusing on the specific needs of both of my children at the same time. He invests the time to prompt and challenge them to think through issues for themselves. His help during private coaching has been invaluable. James has gone above and beyond. Words cannot express enough gratitude. - Melissa A.


DFW Speech & Debate offers excellent one-on-one coaching that pin-points your students strengths and weaknesses and helps them strive to achieve goals that they would not normally think they could achieve alone. I wish I had started coaching earlier for each of my older children. This is a life skill that your children will never outgrow. - Susan H.


Grayson Logue is an excellent LD coach! My daughter is learning the basics and working towards her upcoming tournament. Grayson is very communicative with both parents and students. - S. Rema


Coach Grayson Logue is a fabulous Extemp coach. He is able to reach competitors at whatever level they are at, and help them to elevate their skills. - Julie W.


I found the private coaching with coach Matt Rosa extremely helpful in terms of understanding the resolution as well as argumentation and debate strategy. Overall, it was very beneficial! - J. Dodson


My daughter has enjoyed her private coaching sessions with Grayson Logue and has learned a lot. - Kari L.


Communication skills are the number one weakness in our family. Participation in speech and debate is very challenging and a blessing. Coach Matt Rosa has been a blessing in keeping my son on track. Matt listens well and explains ideas and concepts clearly during private coaching. He makes debate fun, utilizes the time well, and comes with enthusiasm and energy every week. As a result, my son has more confidence to interact with others and to participate at club. - Janice P.


Private coaching is super helpful! The coaching helps solidify our Negative briefs and also strengthens our Affirmative. - Audrey M.


I had a fantastic private coaching experience! I learned a lot! Coach Matt Rosa was very conversational and understanding of where I was in terms of debate. Not only did I excel in debating but I am much better at refuting arguments. I'm very thankful to have had this opportunity! - Morgan D.


My daughter enjoyed private coaching with coach Raphael Cavanna. It gave her confidence and encouragement. She wants to do it again! - P. Daus


I have been working with DFW Speech & Debate for the past 3 months and have seen great advancements in communicating my message, body language, and confidence.  My message is being delivered with more impact because of their business training.  The techniques that I have learned have helped me in one-on-one meetings and when speaking to groups of 100.  Thank you DFW Speech & Debate for helping me communicate my message with confidence and impact.  - A. Meads (VP Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch)


Private coaching is fantastic. Mrs. Nasser is really good at her job. Drills are good, especially CX drills - they are super helpful. She's super smart so it's very useful to bounce ideas off her, and she does her own research so she can help us drill against cases and provide good neg arguments to bolster our understanding of the Aff cases that we prep against. It's been fantastic. - B. Thompson


Private coaching for Public Forum debate with coach Ian Mikkelsen has been terrific! Great sessions, thank you!! - C. Quinn


After only two private coaching sessions with coach Matt Rosa, my daughter is much more confident and able to formulate her thoughts. More importantly she is excited about debate! - Michelle H.


Private Policy Debate Coaching has made a great deal of difference for my children/students. I wish I had encouraged my older daughter to take private coaching when she was in speech and debate. This has really boosted the confidence of my younger daughter and has greatly improved her rhetoric and logic skills. - Susan H.


DFWSD private Coaching has been extremely positive! It has helped me to better analyze arguments and identify key assumptions behind them. I have learned techniques to improve my cross examination skills and refutation by practicing during coaching. I have also advanced my researching skills significantly. Overall coaching has helped me to elevate my argumentation as well as my confidence. - Hannah M.


Private Coaching with Adam Nasser and Mrs. Nasser has helped go through specific arguments after a tournament. I was always able to address that one argument and beat it next time because I was taught how to address each argument in a concise and effective manner. - Chris Absher


Private Coaching with Lisa Scott and Abigail Malone have exceeded our expectations! We are so pleased with the investment. It is evident that Lisa and Abigail are passionate about what they do. They have great skill at taking complex concepts and breaking them down so the students feel confident in case writing and topic analysis. Our team placed 1st, 2nd, 4th and 7th at our first Public Forum tournament in December! They are excited and ready to start prep for the next series in January. Thank you so much for providing such a valuable service. - Debate Coach, Faith Christian Academy


We could not be happier with the Private Coaching provided by Addi Hambrick. She has been phenomenal to work with. So glad we found you. DFW has been wonderful to work with! - Bryce G.


Private Coaching with Addi Hambrick was excellent! She was full of ideas to improve my delivery and fix the problems I had with my speech all season. She listened to my questions and explained/demonstrated her instructions well. In the end, I have a better speech thanks to Addi's coaching! - Annabelle M.


I really appreciate the Private Coaching that we received from DFW. My partner and I benefited from the specific attention given to our case, as well as ideas given for improvements and further research! In terms of delivery, organization, and argumentation, we saw an increase in our effectiveness, especially when compared to our ballots before we started working with DFW. We are looking forward to a great rest of the year, and are thankful for how our coaching sessions helped us improve! - Hannah D.


DFW Private Coaching has changed my whole debate experience completely! I've learned how to effectively argue for my cases and present my speeches. Due to these lessons, I've been able to reach my fullest potential and accomplish things I never imagined possible. These private coaches are absolutely outstanding and have helped me go above and beyond my goals. Words cannot begin to describe the impact these coaches have had on my life. I feel encouraged and inspired after each lesson. These sessions are the highest quality of teaching that I've ever received in debate and speech. - Kristin T.


I have been taking weekly Private Coaching with Mrs. Nasser for three years. At the beginning, I learned the basis of a solid affirmative case, which ultimately lead to a new case that my partner and I qualified to nationals with our first year of debate. Using the Socratic method, Mrs. Nasser helped me to develop the thinking skills necessary to identify uproven assumptions and faulty reasoning. Through brainstorming, practice and drills, I learned to defend our affirmative position fluently, analyze the assumptions behind cases other teams were running and polish organization, C/X and 4 Point Refutation skills. Over time, I have learned to ask myself the same questions Mrs. Nasser asks, to think critically about the ideas that I encounter. Coaching is often an excellent dialogue about the 'current' cases of the season, requiring me to defend my position through well-reasoned cross examination and argumentation. It has sharpened both my thinking skills and my debate skills, and ultimately helped my partner and me qualify to the National Championship for 3 years in a row. - Jaden Warren (Nationally qualified in policy debate all 3 years of competition)


"My debate partner and I started Private Coaching with Mrs. Nasser at the beginning of the season for Team Policy Debate. Without her help, we would not have progressed to Nationals. Not only does debate teach you research skills and persuasive communication, but it teaches you how to take a stand and defend your position. Mrs. Nasser taught us to look for the underlying ideas behind the cases we prepared against, and to develop clear, convincing arguments and strategies against each reform. A year ago, I had no idea what debate was, but because of her devoted time and teaching, we had the honor of breaking to Regionals and placing 3rd at the Regional Invitational, winning one of the nine slots that were awarded to our region for the National Championship. Mrs. Nasser encompasses the phrase “Soli Deo Gloria” in all that she does."  - Elsa Castro (Nationally qualified her 1st year of policy debate)


"Our son attended his first DFW Speech and Debate camp last summer and came home not only well prepared but also very excited to try various speech events as well as Team Policy debate. The enthusiasm from your experienced instructors was clearly contagious! The skills he acquired through Intro to Speech and Intro to Team Policy debate provided the necessary foundation to build on throughout the year and eventually helped him qualify for both Regional and National competitions. Heartfelt thanks to Suzanne Nasser and staff for instilling a passion and excitement for such a worthwhile endeavor. This summer he is already looking forward to Extemporaneous and Advanced Team Policy camps."  - Melissa W. (parent)


At the beginning of the 2012-2013 competition season, I asked for Private Coaching sessions for my birthday present. Little did I know that this would be the best decision I had ever made!  Although there are many life lessons that I have learned through working with Mrs. Nasser and Adam Nasser, there are two things that made a critical difference this competition season. First, they taught me how to come up with positions that I believe in, rather than telling me what position to argue. This made all the difference, because I argued passionately and persuasively for what I believed in. Secondly, you taught from a God-centered world view. You reminded me that as a man thinks, so is he. You encouraged me to never say "I can't do this," but to press on and better myself because my God is a God of excellence. Private coaching was the best birthday present I could have ever asked for! You all have had eternal impact on my life, and I cannot thank you enough. - Elsa Castro (2nd place Lincoln Douglas National Champion her 2nd year of debate)  


"Eight months ago, I stood before my club to introduce myself and state my goal for this year’s season of speech and debate. It was my very first time to ever stand before an audience, and I am sure that everyone in the room was well aware of this fact. I said, “My name is Zachary Rosa and with God’s help I’d like to go to the National Championship.” Little did I know that the next few months would be the most fruitful and exhilarating moments of my academic life thus far. For the next few months, I excelled in my speeches and began to feel comfortable engaging the audience, but my work in Team Policy debate was not nearly as successful. I felt that my partner and I were missing something in our argumentation or preparation and that, for some reason, we could not qualify even to Regionals...much less Nationals. My partner and I began working with Mrs. Nasser in March with the hope of breaking to the elimination rounds at the very last qualifier and thereby receive an invitation to the 2012 Regional Tournament. Mrs. Nasser was able to find the missing links to the chain of success that allowed my partner and I not only to break to Regionals but also to achieve my goal of receiving an invitation to the National Championship in St. Paul, Minnesota this June. The ever-yielding knowledge and lessons that I have learned through speech and debate competition has been a useful attribute that has and will sharpen and hone my communication skills. Having one on one coaching with Mrs. Nasser has helped take my debate skills to the next level, allowing my partner and I to qualify to Regionals and achieve what once seemed to be a long-shot goal to attend the National Championship. I am excited to continue working with Mrs. Nasser with the hope of becoming an even stronger debater next season."  - Zachary Rosa (Nationally qualified in policy debate both years of competition)


I have been very blessed to have Mrs. Nasser as a private coach in Team Policy Debate for the past two years. Without a doubt, it is THE best and most effective way to excel in any style of debate. Why? ...because every private coaching session helped me to sharpen my critical thinking skills by helping me to identify the underlying premises and assumptions behind every argument. The ability to think critically is lacking in today's society, leaving students (even debaters) susceptible to believing whatever they hear without question. In my own experience, the insight gained from Mrs. Nasser's coaching and mentoring could be employed in any debate on any topic. Rather than giving her students answers, Mrs. Nasser builds a foundation of critical thinking that each student can harness to better address issues in the debate round - and in everyday life.  - Matt Rosa (Nationally qualified in policy debate all 3 years of competition)


Private Coaching with Mrs. Nasser was extremely helpful and efficient, helping me and my partner evaluate and strengthen our case as well as construct negative strategies. Mrs. Nasser wonderfully balanced helpful advice with a coaching philosophy that required us to do our own work and think our own thoughts. Being able to participate in private coaching was a tremendous blessing that has prepared my partner and me very well for the upcoming debate season. - James Russell (Nationally qualified in policy debate)


"Although speech and debate is hard work, it is absolutely worth it! It has helped me sharpen my thinking skills and become a polished speaker. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The main reason I enjoy debate is because of Mrs. Suzanne Nasser. From day one, when I walked into my first debate camp, Mrs. Nasser was there for me. As a novice and advanced debater, the DFW summer camps gave me an advantage. Before the competition season started, I was already learning about what I was going to debate and learning to be a better debater. During the competition season, my partner and I received private coaching from Mrs. Nasser. She challenged us to think and speak clearly and logically. She encouraged me when I was upset with the results of a round (or even with personal issues) and helped me to find a solution by going back to what I knew, thinking through it, and expounding upon it. Mrs. Nasser challenged me to think, which is a skill we desperately need. Now that I am graduating from high-school and moving on to college, I am better equipped to communicate my ideas persuasively and embrace a bright future."  - Karis Smith (Nationally qualified debate competitor)


Dear DFW Speech & Debate, thank you for the investment you've made in our daughter through your summer camps and private coaching. Your camps provided practical experience which built confidence as our daughter was getting started in both TP and LD debate. Continuing with weekly coaching was a wise investment since these skills take time to develop. Each week you encouraged excellence and we witnessed our daughter overcoming her fears and refining her skills. Learning to discern the underlying assumptions behind ideas is a valuable tool that our daughter will take with her the rest of her life. Thank you for empowering her to think critically and to share those thoughts persuasively! - L. Marchand (parent of nationally qualified policy debate competitor)

"Private coaching with Mrs. Nasser has been a phenomenal experience from the very first week. Beyond the basics, she taught me how to frame the debate and boil it all down to the most important principles. I learned to write and debate with cases that I actually believed in. Instead of just memorizing the correct responses to potential cross-examination questions, I was able to work with ideas that I'd personally thought through and believed in defending. Most importantly, I learned to debate with a confidence that comes from the Lord and to continually draw my strength from Him. I have definitely seen more success as a result of working one-on-one with Mrs. Nasser than I would have otherwise. With her help, I have been awarded a slot to the 2013 National Championship in my first year of Lincoln-Douglas debate." - Mollie Masters, TX (Nationally qualified 1st year of LD)


Private Coaching with Mrs. Nasser is one of the absolute best things I have done for my debate career! Not only is she incredibly well versed in the evidence and factual side of debate, but she knows how to lead the students to that information without giving it away. Even more important, she taught me how to approach an idea logically, identify the flawed mindsets, and form my own positions. This has helped me increase my debate skills greatly and has carried over into my "real world" experiences. I look forward to the blessing of working with her next year and beyond! - G. Smith, TX


"The private coaching was invaluable. It helped my boys develop confidence and better understand debate. The coach was able to ask questions that allowed them to pinpoint the problems with their case and know where to spend their study time, making the overwhelming task of research, manageable. I can’t thank you enough." - L Clark, LA


Private Coaching has helped my partner and I tremendously. I can honestly say that without it my partner and I would not have been as nearly successful as we are now, and so far we have broken at every tournament this season! If someone ever questioned the effectiveness of coaching I would tell them that it is well worth the time, money and effort. I am very pleased! - R. Battles, TX


Mrs. Nasser's private coaching for Team Policy Debate was simply outstanding. When coaching with her, my partner and I found arguments against cases that we would never have thought of on our own, and we learned to plug the holes in our affirmative case. Mrs. Nasser helped us learn to brainstorm other cases and find the assumptions therein. Not only did her coaching improve my partners' and my argumentation, but her speech drills vastly improved our speaking in debates as well. I am sure we would not be succeeding as well as we are now without her help. - J. Cavanna, TX (Nationally qualified policy debate competitor)

Our experience in hosting Natalia for 3 days of private coaching here in OKC was super. She had the opportunity to interact with students in a variety of speech and debate events. Our club is very new and we lack much collective tournament experience. All the students very much enjoyed Natalia, she shared many great ideas, and the confidence and understanding of all participants was greatly increased. Thank you very much for working with us to create a unique "mid-season" camp experience! - J. Seldenrust, OK

Both my daughter and I felt the private coaching she received has been very beneficial. Brainstorming the LD resolution has been invaluable, and as a result - at her first tournament of the season, she had a 6-0 record. She has done well since and is thrilled with the confidence she has as a result of collaborating on both her affirmative and negative cases. The speech coaching with Natalia has also been very beneficial. Small critiques, yet reaping large rewards. She has her eye on a national "slot" this year with the NCFCA and I fully expect she will accomplish her goal. - Patsi D, CO

Private coaching definitely helped me throughout my debate season. I ended up being much more successful because of the coaching, placing 6th at the State Tournament in LD. Thank you so much for the time spent working on the (NFL) resolutions with me. The coaching really helped me focus my thoughts so that I had a much more successful year than I thought I would. I can't wait until next debate season to get things started again. Thank you so much! . - Divya V, OH

The private coaching that I received was phenomenal! I was sincerely impressed at how much I excelled as a result of training. It was an amazing kick-starter into my debate career. - Alex A, TX

The Apologetics private coaching I received has dramatically improved my success at tournaments, as well as the content of my speeches. At the last tournament I went to, I placed in the top three speakers in my room, with more first place marks than I had ever received. The coaching made my delivery and content stronger, and helped refine my overall speaking skills. I am very glad I signed up for Apologetics training, and would encourage others to do the same. - Abbey H, FL

Thank you DFWSD!! By far the best investment I've made. Even though my daughter did not break to Nationals in debate, on paper, her ability to make logical arguments = priceless. Mrs. Nasser and Natalia are amazing coaches. Abbey will be at Nationals competing in Impromptu. Amazing accomplishment for a second year LD and Limited Prep competitor. - Anita H, FL

Suzanne's coaching has been most beneficial. Christian qualified for Regionals the first tournament after beginning her coaching. He then broke to Octafinals at Regionals, placing as the #12 Team Policy team and the #13 TP speaker his first year of debate. Suzanne, thank you so much for teaching him how to better his debating/speaking skills. We so appreciate your teaching. - Julie T, TX

We are thankful to the Nasser family for writing the Tools For Debate curriculum. It is the first week by week curriculum that we have found, plus it has the added bonus of being resolution specific! It provides training on the fundamentals for new debaters, and is an excellent resource for our experienced debaters. DFWSD also provided online debate training for our club through Skype. Through all their efforts, 3 students from our club won 3 of the 5 invitations in LD to the 2013 National Championship, one of who finished 4th in the nation! There is no question in my mind that God has gifted the Nasser family with the ability to teach." - L David, Kansas City (Coach Mars Hill Speech & Debate)

"I wanted to express our gratitude to you and your children for putting the Tools for Debate curriculum together. Tools for Debate has been a great asset in many ways, setting the pace and agenda for our weekly meetings, providing a thorough background in debate skills, and most importantly, giving practical steps to help students grow in reasoning and thinking skills.  We just had our first round robin yesterday.  Our Regional coordinator and her son (our former coach) each commented on how well the rounds went. They felt the students are much further along than they've ever been at this stage of the game. We believe the credit for that goes largely to Tools for Debate."  – J Sumrall, LA (Coach Baton Rouge Speech & Debate)


I want to let you know that your Tools for Debate curriculum is amazing!  So far we are following it week by week and it literally covers everything. Thank you for your labor of love.  - D Hines, TX (Coach Arete Speech & Debate)


Thank you for creating this [Tools for Debate] curriculum. It's very clear and user friendly. The strategies, homework ring, and templates are great. This is the best curriculum for strengthening advance and teaching novice debaters that I have found.  - P Boles, CA (Debate coach)

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