Our Mission

The goal of our training is to help students develop solid critical-thinking and communication skills - to understand and articulate what they believe and why. Students who have the thinking skills to analytically process the ideas that they are confronted with in our culture, and the communication skills to articulate their views, are better equipped to stand firmly for what they believe when challenged by opposing worldviews. Students who are not actively engaged in sharpening their critical-thinking skills passively embrace dangerous doctrines and philosophies on a daily basis. DFW Speech & Debate (DFWSD) exists to counter this trend by training students to understand what they believe and why, and to articulate their ideas persuasively to impact their culture.

Benefits of DFWSD Speech & Debate Training

  • Life skills. Our Speech and debate training has the power to change the trajectory of a young person's life, empowering them to become engaged citizens and principled leaders with character and integrity. Our competitions cultivate independent thinkers through thoughtful and respectful discourse, and significantly raises SAT/ACT scores, boosting students' readiness for high school, college and success in life.

  • Critical thinking skills. Our Speech & debate training sharpens student’s ability to think and listen critically, and communicate their ideas in an organized and compelling manner. The ability to think critically is essential in our culture today where we are bombarded with humanistic ideas and political agendas in movies, TV, social media, music, literature, and even textbooks. Students develop an understanding of what they believe about the issues that confront them in our culture and why (through research, application, and analysis), and learn to communicate their ideas effectively through competition/evaluation and creativity.

  • Increased problem-solving abilities and overall academic performance. Our speech and debate students score higher on standardized tests including the SAT, ACT, and AP.  They develop problem solving and higher-level thinking skills by learning to analyze and synthesize wide bodies of information. They become excellent critical listeners who are adept at evaluating what is being said, discerning underlying agendas, and recognizing how others think, which improves their ability to cooperate and resolve conflicts.

  • Communication skills. Our speech and debate training improves student’s organizational, and oral and written communication skills. These are the foremost qualities that employers seek in potential applicants. Our competitors have the ability to organize and articulate powerful messages confidently and persuasively, to impact and influence those around them.

  • Research skills. Our speech & debate students understand more about their world, and the value systems that drive the policies that affect them individually, and their communities as a whole.

  • Career Benefits. Our speech and debate training paves a path for success in college and future endeavors. The average debate competitor ranks in the top 10% of his or her high school class and is consistently admitted to prestigious post-secondary institutions. Many corporate executives and high-ranking government officials are former high school debaters. Most alumni report that participation in competitive speech and debate was the most educational and rewarding aspect of their high school careers.

  • Think quickly on their feet

  • Confidence under pressure

  • Present compelling responses to difficult questions

  • Best of all: Life-long friendships!

Our instructors have trained hundreds of students in this field and are looking forward to working with you through Private Coaching and at Summer Camp!