Tools for Team Policy Debate Curriculum – Teacher Edition



Student Edition (for novice and advanced Team Policy students): This fantastic 12-week resource includes both novice and advanced track training, and is used by coaches and students nationwide to prepare students to excel in competition! Written by veteran coaches Suzanne, Samantha and Adam Nasser, this valuable resource includes the background/history of the current debate topic, as well has beginner and advanced theory (case construction, cross-examination strategies, structured refutation, impact calculus, NEG strategies, how to “Debate NEG without a brief” (when you have to), how to identify unproven assumptions) and much more! The Student Edition is packed with research assignments, drills, and a FREE affirmative case and NEG brief, so that debaters can start applying the training in-rounds immediately! All policy debaters should own a Student Edition!

Teacher Edition (for club leaders and coaches): Includes all the content of the Student Edition PLUS step-by-step instruction and forms for club leaders, teachers and coaches to organize weekly meetings, and quizzes to test students’ understanding of the material.