Tools for Lincoln Douglas Debate


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Teacher-Student combo (for beginner & advanced LDers, club leaders and coaches): This exceptional 12-week resource, written by national champion Adam Nasser and veteran coaches Suzanne and Samantha Nasser, is used by beginner, intermediate and advanced Lincoln Douglas debaters across the nation to prepare for competition each season! All LD competitors and coaches should own one of these!

Curriculum Includes:

  • An in-depth examination of the concepts and philosophies relevant to 2018-2019 NCFCA debate topic.
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to write championship cases based on solid principles, structured refutation and impacts, value objections/implications, advanced CX, LD strategies and more! Case de-construction training is also included, to teach students how to unravel the logic behind invalid sourcebook cases.
  • Resolution-specific research assignments, drills and quizzes.
  • FREE championship affirmative & negative case to model principle-based argumentation, and allow beginners to start applying the training in-rounds immediately.