Tools for Lincoln Douglas Debate


Teacher-Student combo (for beginner & advanced LDers, club leaders and coaches): Is nationalism distinct from patriotism? If so, how? What’s the difference between globalism and globalization? In what way are nationalism and globalism both responses to the phenomena of globalization? Does nationalism prevent conflicts by partitioning potentially hostile people into different nations? Or does it encourage conflict by fostering an “us v. them” mentality? All of these great ideas and more are covered in this fantastic resource written by national champion Adam Nasser and veteran coaches Suzanne and Samantha Nasser, to prepare beginner, intermediate and advanced Lincoln Douglas debaters to excel in competition this season! All LD competitors and coaches should own one of these!

The 2017-2018 edition includes:

  • An in-depth examination of the concepts and philosophies relevant to nationalism and globalism.
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to write championship cases based on solid principles, structured refutation and impacts, value objections/implications, advanced CX, LD strategies and more! Case de-construction training is also included, to teach students how to unravel the logic behind invalid sourcebook cases.
  • NCFCA resolution-specific research assignments, drills and quizzes.
  • FREE championship affirmative & negative case to model principle-based argumentation, and allow beginners to start applying the training in-rounds immediately.

About the Authors
The True Purpose of Debate
About this Curriculum
Getting Started
Lincoln Douglas Debate Leadership
Fall Term- At a Glance

Welcome and Season Overview
1. The Goal
2. Introductions
3. Overview of the Season
4. Table Topics
5. Intro to Lincoln Douglas Debate Structure
6. Homework Ring Overview
7. Homework
WEEK 1 – The Resolution
1.1 Define Key Terms
1.2 Philosophy Presentations
1.3 Discussion: Ideas Sharing
1.4 Discussion: Revelant Philosophies
1.5 Homework

WEEK 2 – How to Think
2.1 Philosophy Presentations
2.2 How to Think: Introduction to Reason
2.2A Quiz: How to Think
2.3 Example vs Principle Debate
2.4 Formulating AFF and NEG Principles
2.5 Homework

WEEK 3 – Values, Criteria and Writing an AC
3.1 Values
3.2 Criteria
3.3 How to Write an AC (affirmative case) based on solid principles
3.3A Quiz: AC
3.4 Jeopardy (review game)
3.5 Homework

WEEK 4 – The Negative Case and Applications
4.1 Research Presentation #1
4.2 The Negative Side of the Resolution
4.2A Quiz: Negative Case
4.3 Application and Support
4.4 Piranha Packs
4.5 Homework

WEEK 5 – Logical Fallacies, Flowing and Debate
5.1 Logic and Logical Fallacies
5.1A Quiz: Logical Fallacies
5.2 Flowing
5.3 Debate Round
5.4 Homework

WEEK 6: 4-Point Refutation and Organization
6.1 Four-Point Refutation & drills
6.2 Organization
6.2A Quiz: Organization and Refutation
6.3 Finding a Mantra
6.4 Voting Issues
6.4A Quiz: Voting Issues
6.5 Debate Round
6.6 Homework

WEEK 7 – Cross-Examination Strategies
7.1 Cross-Examination Strategies
Constructing lines of questions
7.1A Quiz: C/X
7.2 Case De-Construction (unraveling/refuting the logic behind invalid cases)
7.3 Debate Round
7.4 Homework

WEEK 8 – Burdens and Voting Issues
8.1 Burdens
8.1A Quiz: Burdens
8.2 Counter-definitions
8.3 Debate Round
8.4 Homework

WEEK 9 – Presentation and Delivery
9.1 Presentation and Delivery
9.2 Winning The Value Clash (Value Objections and Implications)
9.2A Quiz: Delivery and Value Objections
9.3 Debate Round
9.4 Homework

WEEK 10 – Tournament Expectations
10.1 Tournament Expectations and Reminders
10.2 Tournament Etiquette and Christ-like Character
10.3 Judges Orientation
10.4 Debate Rounds
10.5 Homework

WEEK 11 – Tournament De-briefing
11.1 Ballot Review
11.2 Tournament De-briefing
11.3 LD Strategies
11.4 Homework

WEEK 12 –Time Management and Judge Analysis
12.1 Time Management
12.2 1AR Drill
12.3 Judge Analysis
12.4 Debate Round
12.5 Homework

SPRING TERM – Competition Season
A. Spring-Term Club Meeting Agendas
B. Online Debates
C. The Value of Winning
D. Categorizing Cases
E. Coaching Tips
F. Video Coaching
G. Ballot Review & Ballot Analysis
H. Debate and Issues of Faith
I. Pre-Tournament Reminders
J. Getting to Nationals vs Winning at Nationals
Supplement 1: Drills
Appendix 1: Answer Key: Drills and Quizzes
Appendix 2: Case Template
Appendix 3: Sample Affirmative Case
Appendix 4: Sample Negative Case
Appendix 5: AFF/NEG Flow Template
Appendix 6: Ballot Analysis Template